About us

Give your lashes what they've been looking for with ILashX. Our DIY lash extension system is as easy as 1-2-3. 

What are DIY lashes extensions ?

Tiny weight less eyelash like segments, with an ultra thin band for maximum comfort and dexterity. The segments are apply underneath your natural lash bending to fit the curvature of your natural eye-line.

Placing the lashes underneath rather than on top ensures for a more natural look. 

Why ILashX? Its simple really, with our stellar quality products and wide catalog of lash styles with varying volume, we offer everything for you to start your DIY lash journey. Wear our lashes up to 7 days, reuse the lash segments up to 4 times. ILashX allows you to be your own lash tech.

What makes the lashes stay on so long?

Our Forever wand bond's water proof formula allows for long wear that wont budge. Use it in place of mascara to bond the lashes to your own lashes. 

Safe for all eye types, say goodbye to tension, goodbye to lash damage, Let us help you save time & money without breaking the bank.

 If you have ever experienced damage from Lash extensions, or the frustration of putting on strip lashes with bulky bands, ILashX easy application process will have your applying your own lashes in a breeze. Our custom applicators grip the lashes without damage and make it easier for the user to follow the natural motion of placing the lashes. NO MORE AWKWARDNESS.

Vegan, Hypoallergenic, Latex free! This incredibly easy DIY system is for EVERYONE! 

Our %100 handmade lashes are designed to be virtually weightless! The ultra thin bands were specifically designed to be applied underneath your upper lash

to give off a natural lash line to guarantee a flawless look every time!

Just follow these easy steps below as your guide to AMAZING and Natural looking Lashes, don’t worry, we do GLAM TOO!




Step 1. Apply black glue directly under lashes (a little goes a long way) Note. Wipe excess glue off in lip of tube, try tapping the glue along your water line for a cleaner application! Avoiding the tips of your lashes is best as our bond is extremely tacky with a great hold!

Step 2. Brush small amount of white glue across topside of lash segment. Wait for glue to get tacky or go clear. Note* either glue can be used on its own


Step 3. Apply lash segments one by one gently under natural eyelashes. Typically 4-5 segments per eye. Use your ILASHX™ applicators to press, hold & bond segments to lashes. (Segments are applied UNDER your lashes to maintain a more natural look)






Told you it was easy!