What Lash Styles Are Most Flattering To My Eyeshape?

You’ve come to the conclusion that you want to add more emphasis to your eyes. After researching it’s safe to say you're reading this article because you’ve decided DIY lashes are worth trying. So, whats your next step? Identifying your eye shape of course! 

Let’s jump right in...

As you consider your eye shape. The shape of your eye will determine how best to apply lashes in a way that will highlight your natural features in the best way!

Just like applying eye make up in a certain style specific to an eye shape can accentuate your eyes in a more flattering way. So can applying lashes.

Consider Length, Volume, Curl and the overall look you are trying to achieve. Would you benefit from more length and less volume, or perhaps a hybrid look keeping to a natural length. Lets explore...


Once you’ve narrowed down which eye shape most closely represents yours, from there, its easy to apply ILashX DIY lash segments in a specific lash map that is flattering to your eye shape. 


This eye shape appears to droop towards the outer corners. Placing lashes longer towards the middle - outer corner to create a more open eyed look


Sloping upward toward the outer corner, Upturned eyes are very versatile, similar to Almond, this eye shape looks great with a very even natural lash map or slight cat eye. 


Filling up space to make up for a lack of crease is the goal. Opt for longer lengths, and cat eye lash maps.  


This is the most common & versatile eye shape. Cat-eye and Natural lash maps are most popular on this eye shape. 


Depending on how prominent your hood is, your own lashes may have trouble peeking out and showing themselves. Opt for longer lashes throughout, building length towards the outer corners.


With a round eye, focus on lash maps that elongate the eye. Focus on adding length towards the outer corners to create a cat eye lash map. 
Don't be afraid to experiment with volume & length regardless of your eye shape. Find your preference and lash maps that work for you. Stacking segments on top of one another in a brick laying method can add just the right amount of volume without going over bored. The best part of DIY lashes is how versatile they are.