How I Saved Money by Switching to DIY Lash Extensions (Mink Eye Lashes)

Lash extensions, what’s not to love about lash extensions? They maximize and enhance your  natural eye lashes while minimizing makeup wear and time spent on your regular beauty routine. 

What are lash extensions? 

They are semi-permanent individual lash fibers typically made from faux mink or silk; each lash  fiber is bonded to your individual lashes using specially made medical-grade adhesive. Unlike  false lashes (strips), lash extensions allow you to wash your face without removal. They are in  every sense of the word an “extension” of your natural eye lashes. 

How much do lash extensions cost? 

lashes mink

Well, that all depends. Because of the skill required and use of medical-grade glue (for applying the lashes), it isn't recommended to apply individual extensions to one’s own eye lashes. In fact, it is HIGHLY DISCOURAGED! this is where CERTIFIED lash technicians come into place, this can lead to an expensive experience.  A few factors go into the cost of lash extensions; the most important should be the experience  of your chosen and qualified lash technician, the amount of volume that you want to be applied  to your eye lashes is also incorporated into the price. Lash extensions can be broken down into 4  or more volume categories. 

Classic: This 1:1 method is when 1 lash extension is glued to 1 natural eye lash until each e eyelash  holds an extension. This is the most natural-looking. 

Hybrid: A mix of 1:1 and 2/3D lash fans applied to your individual eye lashes, giving an overall  fuller look to your lashes 

Volume: This method applies lash fans ranging anywhere from 2D-5D +, these fans are carefully  applied to each of your natural lashes creating a bold, full look. 

Mega Volume: Extreme lash density, lash fans typically range from 5D +

false lashes

The industry standard for lash extensions costs anywhere from ($100 to $250)Obviously, prices vary as every lash tech is  different. 

Did I mention that they last weeks! You can either let them shed, get them removed, or get a fill.  A fill is usually done at a reduced price, and the industry average is $80-$120 as the technician is  only replacing the shed lashes. 

I got my lashes done for 4 years; rarely took a break in-between “fills”, and typically paid ($80 to $130) depending on which lash tech I was using at the time. I faithfully went for a fill every 2  weeks because “god forbid” my lashes were not always full! I was spending almost $2000 a YEAR  on my lashes! $80 x 24 weeks = $1920

To make matters worse my natural lashes had shed and broken to the point that if I didn’t stop  the lash extensions there would be nothing left to attach them to.

mink eye lashesI couldn’t do strip lashes; I’ve never been able to put them on and they feel uncomfortable to me. As you may know, strip lashes are applied to the skin, the glue is hard to wipe off and can sometimes leave your already sensitive eyelids, even more irritated. The bottom line was, I wanted long voluminous lashes that looked natural all of the time! I also didn’t want to lose all my lashes, so I made a choice. 

Taking a break from my lash extensions was a must, especially if I wanted to go back to them, I  would need to have healthy natural eye lashes for that! 

I got right down to business, over the next few months, I invested in a couple of good lash serums  and began to see real lash growth and improvement, I would be back with my lash extensions in  no time. Wrong, eyelashes take an excruciating number of MONTHS to grow back, and when they  grew back did I really want to damage them again and risk them not growing back at all?  

So taking everything into consideration, I decided to research what my alternative options were  that would help me add that oomph to my lashes without damaging them. Now when it comes  to lash-enhancing treatments, there are 3 major types which are lash tints, lash lifts, and of  course, my favorite: lash extensions.

Lash-lift: Lifts are another form of eye lash enhancements. The lash lifting process is like the hair  perming method. The process of getting a lash lift involves curling your lashes upwards from the  base of the lash, and it’s great for people that have straight lashes and just want to add curls for  lash definition. The whole lash lifting process usually takes about an hour and it costs anywhere  between ($90 to $180) depending on where you’re getting the treatment from. Not quite what I 

was looking for, this process does not add volume to your lashes and there are very limited  options on how you can style your natural eye lashes. 

Semi- Permanent Lash Extensions: At the time a personal favorite; however, due to my  experience with semi-permanent lash extensions I wasn’t very keen about getting them again. 

DIY/Strip-lashes: Somewhere in-between

IlashX lashes mink

semi permanent and strip-lashes; DIY lashes involve the self-application of knotless lash fans underneath the natural eye lashes. This DIY process uses a latex free quick drying bond safe for at home use. These segmented lashes 3D - 10D+ lash segments with a short thin band.Fake lashes      

Eyelash extensions at home

Instead of attaching an extension to each individual eye lash, you would attach 3-5 of these segments to the underside of your eye lashes, these specially designed segments are so light, when applied correctly you can’t even feel them! Literally in minutes you have full lashes comparable to semi-permanent extensions. The  recommended wear time is 3 to 5 days, and the segments are reusable up to 4 times. The bond used is a water resistant, latex free glue made with a sensitive formula safe for most wearers! Removal isn’t costly either, waterproof eye makeup remover, and Micellar water are both quick  and effective in removing and cleaning your lashes and the segments.

Why are DIY lashes so great? 

These DIY segments provide all the versatility of extensions without the damage to your natural  lashes! And like semi permanents there is no need to apply mascara. The bond doubles as a  mascara which holds the lash segments to your own eye lashes. Application from experience  takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes for some first-time users, once you have it down, application  for both eyes is around 5 minutes!  

Let’s talk affordability, compared with professional lash extensions these were a steal! For around $80 I could purchase a bundled kit that armed me with everything I needed to apply  the lashes on my own. I received 2 bonds, a pack of 30 lash segments in varying lengths, and a  precision applicator perfectly shaped to grip and hook the pieces to the underside of my eye lashes. The glue would last months, and the applicator was so pretty it was a great addition to  the rest of my home beauty supplies. 

With DIY lashes, there were just so many options! I could choose whatever volume, length, color,  and type of lash style I wanted, minus the worry of potential damage to my natural lashes. 

DIY lash segments can cost around ($25 to $30) depending on the type of lengths, and I found  them much more convenient than semi-permanent lash extensions. With professional lash  extensions, I’d have them on for weeks and weeks even on occasions when I wouldn’t want them  on, sometimes they got uncomfortable. This is what I found most exciting about DIY lashes. I  could wear them whenever I wanted, and I didn’t have to go out of the way and lay down for  almost 2 hours. I applied, removed, or reapplied at my own convenience in 5 minutes! 

How much money can you actually save by switching to DIY lashes? 

After I’d applied DIY lashes to myself a few times, I’d become a pro. The process really is as simple  as what I’ve mentioned above. I then calculated the cost of all this and compared it to  the $1920 per annum estimate that I’d previously been spending on professional lash  extensions. 

There was the 1-time purchase of the Bundle kit at $80, going forward I would only need to  purchase the lash segments, the bonds would last me at least a couple months and the applicator  would not need to be replaced unless lost. The fun thing about these segments is in order to  mimic lash extension styles they came in different volumes and lengths; I purchased a couple  different styles and occasionally would venture from my favorites for special occasions that  required a bolder lash look.  

On average I was spending about $30 a month on replenishing my lash segments. Let’s do the  math! $30 x $12 =$360 add my initial purchase of $80 and that makes for a yearly total of $440

That’s a yearly savings of $1480 approximately 77% in a year! 

Will I stick to using DIY lashes? 

The short answer? Of course, I will! I’ve had an amazing experience with DIY lash extensions so  far, so I intend to continue using them. The learning curve involved in transitioning from a  beginner to a pro is almost nonexistent, and they save me so much money, which is awesome. 









Application time 

5-10 minutes 

60+ minutes


✅  ✅ 

Water resistant

✅  ✅ 

Damage free 



Natural Looking

✅  ✅ 

I highly recommend DIY lashes, this product literally checks all the boxes for me, from saving my  natural eye lashes to saving me money, this product is everything I wanted in a lash enhancement  product and while there is a short learning curve, I can honestly say I cannot see myself ever  going back to semi-permanent lash extensions. DIY lashes really have been a lifesaver for me!